Welcome to the Fascinating World of 1 Gauge!

by Friedhelm Weidelich

The fascinating 1 Gauge

The European market for 1-gauge model railroads has evolved greatly since 1969, when Märklin presented its models as an answer to LGB: From rugged garden railroads to extremely detailed small series at the price of an automobile to the production of affordable large-scale models with high detailing, steam generators and sound decoders. The models have reached a level of detail that is unique in model railroading. That's why there are so many collectors around the globe.

Most of the models from the more than 20 vendors are based on original vehicles from Germany and Switzerland. In some European countries such as Austria, Italy and France, the Gauge 1 range is growing and becoming more specialized. Gradually, the industry is also discovering international traffic with freight trains and passenger trains running with one locomotive through several countries. Modern railroading in Europe is very colorful.

spur1info - the up-to-date and versatile online magazine about Gauge 1

Since April 2012, spur1info has been reporting almost daily on new gauge 1 models, accessories, trade shows and important developments in railroads. An own archive with up to 50 years old photos is available for illustration. Since the end of 2014, most articles are only available for subscribers, because the workload for professional articles and photos is high. Since 2019, all articles are published separately in German and English.

Every year, spur1info publishes over 200 articles and about 3,000 photos in unique quality.The reviews stand out from those in magazines. spur1info is independent and takes a critical approach for the benefit of the reader. and shows all details in reviews with 50 to 85 photos. The reviews stand out from those in magazines. spur1info is independent and critical in the sense of the reader. Reviews show all details with 40 to 85 photos.

In addition, there are current trade show reports, photo series about private layouts and interesting railroads, handicraft tips and presentations of hand samples before they are shown at the provider. spur1info has a network that continuously supplies the editorial staff with exclusive content.

Speaking of the editorial team: spur1info is a one man show, supported by contributions and photos from freelancers. Editor Friedhelm Weidelich from Hanover, Germany, has been writing for railroad magazines for 50 years, he was editor-in-chief at two railway magazines and editor at a business magazine and at a TV station. For many years, he was a technical journalist for renowned German newspapers and magazines. He also writes technical articles for the rail industry and knows the latest developments.

An annual subscription is only €87.60 (that's about US$100) and offers more than you can expect: fascinating photos, honest reviews, exclusive and up-to-date news, project list and delivery dates – and always a surprise.

Step into the fascinating world of Gauge 1! Get an idea of the outstanding quality of this online publication. Here is a selection from the articles for subscribers, temporarily free for you:

Review of Deutsche Bundesbahn E 71 from Fine Models

Review of DR 08 1001 from Märklin

160.A.1 from Proform Spur 1

Worker’s houses

Mercedes-Benz kit from MiniArt

A vineyard based on reality

The Narrow Gauge Fichtelbergbahn

The open articles from 2012 to September 2014 can be found here (German only). Please scroll down on the right column.

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